Who the hell am I?

Money Management coach & numbers nerd

I founded Next Chapter Wealth Coaching on a bit of a personal mission. I got really fed up of seeing how money is so controlling over so many people… Let’s face it, money can be a bit of an asshole!

I want to help you and many others, to improve your relationship with money, to increase your bank account balance, and to finally be able to live life your way… No more being dictated to by your bank account balance.

I spent years working as a Financial Adviser for one of Australia’s largest corporations and spent years completing formal study to do so… But my relationship with money hasn’t always been the greatest one.

Rewind to 10 years ago, and I was having a complete emotional breakdown in a supermarket aisle… Not my proudest moment! We went through some family circumstances that left us with very little money, and all I had was a handful of coins to purchase some groceries. Yuck – I still get goosebumps when I think about it. 

I’ve spent the last 10 years learning everything that I can about money and taking control of it, and I’m proud to say that I am the boss of my money and life is completely different. 

I’m ready to share everything with you so that you too can experience a life of choices and living life on your terms. No more busting your a$$ just to get by, but actually getting ahead and being able to live out your grand plans.

The Next Chapter Wealth Coaching Story

Next Chapter Wealth Coaching exists because I’m damn tired of so many people working so hard just to get by, rather than getting ahead. You may have grand plans or things on your bucket list that you’re having to put off because your bank account balance won’t allow it… and that sucks!

Living life on your terms is all about giving yourself choices. It’s about being in a position where you can make decisions based on what you want, rather than what you have to do because of your bank account balance. In order to do that, you need to make sure that your money is working just as hard for you as you are for it.

Taking control of your money can feel hard and a bit overwhelming. Often we put it in the too-hard basket and choose to deal with it later. But it doesn’t have to be hard. The sooner you take back charge, the sooner that you’ll have the choice to live exactly the way you want to. 

I’m here to help you improve your relationship with money and increase your bank account balance at the same time. Through my coaching programs, 1:1 coaching and free content, you can start taking back charge today.

Imagine opening your bank account balance and loving what you’re seeing… No more stress… No more avoiding looking at it out of dread… Just relief as your money is doing what it’s supposed to and you’re getting closer and closer to living out those grand plans.

 It’s all possible, you just have to start!

Bec has been a delight to work with and has helped us immensely. The support she has provided is more than financial planning, her focus on achieving our goals while staying within our personal values is what makes everything feel, just right.

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