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 Hey there! I’m Bec.

Growing up, I never really paid much attention to money.


Coming from an upper-middle-class family, I always had everything that I needed. The money stuff was always taken care of, so I never really gave it a second thought – it was all just happening silently in the background.


And then my life got turned upside down.

Some messy family circumstances led to an even messier divorce between my parents, and everything that I knew suddenly changed.


All of a sudden, money became something that I HAD to pay attention to, because we had none of it.

The bank account balance was rapidly dwindling. In a very short space of time, I’d gone from having everything that I needed to not being able to put food on the table.

*Cue mental breakdown in a supermarket aisle*


I had been tasked with the job of buying groceries for my family, the only problem being that the only money we had on the day was a handful of coins.


In that moment, I was completely defeated by how little food that would get us. Totally embarrassed that all I could afford was a $1 loaf of bread. Absolutely crushed by the fact that money was completely controlling my life, and I had no idea what to do about it.


I made a promise to myself that day – I was never going to let anything like that happen again.


I knew that I had no idea about money, but that was going to change.


So I started learning, and I haven’t stopped since.


I set out to learn everything that I could about money. I tried a heap of things, failed a heap of things, but then I got back up and kept trying.


I pieced together what I could and slowly clawed my way back. I fought my way out of personal debt and found myself in a position where I actually had savings in the bank! It was such an alien feeling after spending so many years in the red.


Improving my financial knowledge and skills, coupled with consistent work on my money mindset, I got to a point where I felt like I finally “got” money and knew what I was doing.


I also knew that I never wanted anyone else to feel that same way I had in that supermarket aisle.


I didn’t want anyone else to feel like money is too hard, or like they wouldn’t ever be able to live their life the way that they deserved to because money kept getting in their way.

So I hit the books and became a Financial Adviser, and spent some time working for one of Australia’s biggest banks.


But I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I mean, I was helping people with their money and my clients loved me, which is exactly what I set out to achieve. But something was just missing.

Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks one day when I found myself uttering the words “I’m sorry, there’s not anything that I can do to help”. I felt physically ill.


I was sitting across from a lady that was lost with her money. She was getting by and paying the bills, but she could just never get ahead. She was frustrated and embarrassed because she just couldn’t afford to live her life the way that she wanted to. She was sick of just getting by, and wanted to actually have savings, but she had no idea what to do or where to start.

The way that the Financial Advice industry is structured in Australia means that advisers need to charge significantly (often in the thousands) to provide advice. Which means that you already need to have money to get advice about your money.


I was looking at this lady, who just couldn’t afford advice, and I remembered my own painfully frustrating journey of trying to piece everything together.


And at that moment, I decided that my new mission was to help people like her, just like I had been, to have more money in the bank so that they could live life on their terms. So that they could feel confident, in control and make financial decisions with ease.

Hence Next Chapter Wealth Coaching was born in 2018. Since then, I’ve been teaching women the real financial skills they need so that they can have more money in the bank to be able to live their life however the hell they want to.

Rebecca is a Finance Professional with over 8 years of Industry experience.

Rebecca has completed the following professional qualifications:

  •  Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Certificate III in Financial Services

Prior to founding Next Chapter Wealth Coaching, Rebecca obtained experience in working for organisations such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wealth Enhancers.

Rebecca is currently expanding her education and studying Bookkeeping & Accounting to better serve her small business clients.

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