Free Money Mentoring Session

If you’re tired of just getting by rather than actually getting ahead, it’s time to chat.

Are you ready to actually start putting money away, rather than just busting your butt to pay the bills?
How would it feel to open up your bank account and watch those dollars grow?

Join me for a free Money Mentoring session where you’ll learn the steps that you can take to start mastering the way you manage your money so that you can have more of it!

Appointments held via Zoom. – PJs welcome!


Free Income & Expenses Planner

Juggling life can be hard. ESPECIALLY on your bank account.

You know that financially you need to be doing better because your current situation just isn’t sustainable. 

So, you try and push that concern down and focus on getting by, paying the bills and saving what you can and hoping that something would change and that one day you will earn more money.

I remember that feeling of helplessness. When I started in business, I had a moment (or ten) where I felt like a complete and utter failure. My Income wasn’t meeting my expectations and I had a mini emotional breakdown. I ended up laying on my kitchen floor and crying while looking for local job ads. I was completely ready to give up.

You see, while you’re solely focusing on the income that you don’t have, you’re neglecting the way you’re currently managing what you have. You’re blindly diving into just trying to increase income without any true consideration or strategy around the way you should manage it.

This doesn’t mean that you should give up on trying to increase your income, it just means that things will be better and less hard when you pay attention to your current financial situation rather than being constantly focused and worried about potential future income.

That all starts with knowing your numbers. I’ve put together an Income & Expenses planner for you that will give you an overview of where you stand right now. You’ll gain clarity on your current situation which will allow you to make your financial decisions with ease, and provide you with insight into the areas of your money that require your most focus.


Based in Australia. Appointments held online via Zoom


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